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Fish Collagen used mainly for dietary and cosmetic purposes, especially to reduce wrinkles and helps keep human skin elastic and firm. Other medical aspects and benefits of Collagen include bone and teeth strengthening, joint fluid and more. After the age of 25 the human body slowly losses its ability to create new collagen. Daily consumption of fish collagen is proven to be a great contribution to human skin by slowing down the aging process.

Fish Gelatin which commonly used as a gelling and foaming agent in food, nutrition and pharmaceutical manufacturing, contributes greatly to those who are looking for a non-mammalian gelatin in order to avoid the risks of BSE and other animal related disease.

Jiliding emphasize is on our professionalism and quality, safety and innovation, as well as our unparallel customer service. We are ISO, HACCP, HALAL and Kosher certified.

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